CREATION is alive and so is changing moment by moment; people and places.  This is why we can revisit places and enjoy the familiarity of them.  This makes us feel at home but equally stirs up wonder in us at the beauty we see, as though for the first time.








Sligo Summer
Summer in Down
Mount in the Mist
At home with the Morgans
Mahane Yehuda Market - Beautiful Bread
Meeting of the Waters - Sligo
The Big Catch - at The Shuk
Night Light
Under the Walls - Jerusalem
Dead or Alive - the Sea
Scenic Scrabo
Shimmering Strangford
Holiday Rock
Kearney Coastline
Rosh HaNikra grottoes - Lebanese Border
Sefton Park, Liverpool
Breakfast in Gaitlinburg, TN
On the road, in Israel
Above Jericho..
At Magdala, near Tiberias
Ards Penninsula
Walled Garden - Wall - Flower
Water Park, Belfast
Up, up and away
Street Walking, Jo'burg SA

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Fi Ingham

Artist at Work 




Fi is a freelance artist based in Bangor, Ireland. From natural to unusual, Fi prides herself on being a creative and accomplished artist with experience in many different aspects of ART,  


'Texture and colour are two of the things that interest me and am currently working mainly with mixed media, making pieces that offer practical benefit at the same time as simple pleasure.'