Summer Field
Whispering Flowers
Passing Time
Passing Time is a collograph . The main flavour is from colour mix on the plate rather than on the palette.
Dark Rose
Photo intaglio - dark rose - produced on a copper template to give a sensitive, soft and sharp image.
Impressed with Love
This was produced especially thinking of my Chinese customers as a variation of the chinese symbol for LOVE, orginally produced as collograph plates. Such images are produced between collographs and ceramics.
Happy Hour
Playtime at rush hour. Noting the flow of the traffic - happy as it's the end of the day and because of the lack of trafffic jams.
Pillow Talk
Groomsport Harbour
Windswept - Annealed Copper
Road Map of the World
Blue Art





Snapshots below show examples of:


1.   Creative Embroidery with print          2.  Lino Cut and mixed media          3.  Collagraph          4.  Photo Intaglio          5.  Ceramic          6.  Photoart/photografunky


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Snapshots below show examples of:


1.  f abric art

2.  photografunky vintage

3.. annealed copper

4.  photografunky abstractions

5.  heritage quilting

6.  Japanese Woodcut









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Fi Ingham

Artist at Work 




Fi is a freelance artist based in Bangor, Ireland. From natural to unusual, Fi prides herself on being a creative and accomplished artist with experience in many different aspects of ART,  


'Texture and colour are two of the things that interest me and am currently working mainly with mixed media, making pieces that offer practical benefit at the same time as simple pleasure.'