Snapshots below show examples of photography catches the atmosphere and the 'light' of creation in our environment.... the biggest canvas of all:


The photographs here change from time to time.  Currently below are just a small selection of those taken from places visited and loved.  We are fortunate to live so close to nature and particularly enjoy parks close to our home which provide inspiration for other works in terms of colour and atmosphere.  


Places represented below are Sefton Park, Liverpool - The countryside close to Talmont, France - Moravian Falls, NC USA -  and Castle Park/Walled Garden - Bangor where we are happily frequent visitors.


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Snapshots below show examples of these:


1.  Firestorm                        6. Greenlands                              11. Where Heaven meets Earth

2. Underworld                    7. Summerburst                          12. Poppy Field

3. Birth                                 8. Night  Birds                              13. Musical Landscape

4. Green Pastures              9. The World at Night                14. Dark Rose

5. Birds Fly                         10. Cathedral Flowers                  15. Autumn Flowers


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DIGITAL DOWNLOADS coming soon.  














Trees in Hiding
Wood and the Trees
French Fields
A walk in the Park
Wall - Flower
Firebird in the Hot House
Peek a boo Tree
Outside the Walls
Firestorm (Mini print)
mini collagraph with mixed media giving attention to detail - monotype
Underworld (Mini Print)
Mini print using collograph intaglio method and using mixed media to give a delightful result.
Birth (Mini Print)
Collage - with mixed media - inspired from seeds. A simple yet intricate little piece, produced for your pleasure.
Green Pastures (Mini Print)
Birds Fly (Mini Print)
Greenlands (Mini Print)
Night Birds
Main print is produced from a collagraph plate with mixed media touches.
The World at Night
Collagraph with mixed media detail.
When Heaven meets Earth
Collograph and mixed media detail.
Poppy Field
Heat transfer onto silk and paper
Musical Landscape
Dark Rose
Photo Intaglio from copper plate.
Autumn Flowers
Collograph - Medium Plate.

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Fi Ingham

Artist at Work 




Fi is a freelance artist based in Bangor, Ireland. From natural to unusual, Fi prides herself on being a creative and accomplished artist with experience in many different aspects of ART,  


'Texture and colour are two of the things that interest me and am currently working mainly with mixed media, making pieces that offer practical benefit at the same time as simple pleasure.'