Snapshots below show examples of:

FabricKart in my 'material world' - using different techniques to produce individual results.


The examples below are cushion covers for varying sizes of filler pads.  Each one is an original and as usual the back view carries its own design offering an alternative view to the front.  All cushion covers offer either envelope, side tag or button holes to give closure.


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Snapshots below show examples of:


1.  Bespoke Memory Quilt - King Size and Scatter cushions

2.  Bespoke Cushions - rag style

3.  Baby Receiving Quilt - boy or girl.

4.  Baby Receiving Quilt - little girl.

5.  Bespoke Cushion cover - front

6.  Bespoke Cushion cover - rear

7.  Large Rag Cushion

8. Small Scatter cushion - (bespoke) to accessorize Memory Quilt

9. Small Scatter cushion - (bespoke) to accessorize Memory Quilt

10. World Traveller Memory Quilt 










Multi layered, sewn and slashed cushion with creative embroidery stitching - using 4 different material widths and naturally dyed yarns to provide a finished sheet of material from which the cover is made.
Pieced patched cushion. Abstract patchwork.
Patchwork with focal square.
Large patch pocket pillow.
Appliqued cushion
Happy print cushion.
Display of several 'pieced' cushions.
Back view - envelope closure and side view tie close
Fun and frills.
Pieced patch and creative embroidery.
Multi pieced cover - with inspirational free stitching and natural fibres used to accessorise.
patch and applique pillow
pieced modern patchwork
Stitched and slashed material block - made using 4 layers of fabric and naturally dyed yarn to stitch in the ditch and 'finish off' the design, having used free embroidery stitching throughout and then the whole is appliqued onto the plain fabric, presenting it as a frame for the work.
Display of the multi pieced and stitched and slashed covers. Each one unique, without exception.
King Size T-shirt memory quilt
TShirt Memory cushions
Baby receiving quilt - either sex
Little girl's receiving quilt
'Ladybird Race' scatter cushion
'Ladybird Race' reverse - scatter cushion
Rag work for 'knits'
World Traveller Cushion (rvs)
World Traveller Cushion -I collected materials from many countries of the world on journeys over the last few years were make to make the quilt that this cushion was made to accessorise. All of the fabric used came from different countries also.
World Traveller Quilt

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Fi is a freelance artist based in Bangor, Ireland. From natural to unusual, Fi prides herself on being a creative and accomplished artist with experience in many different aspects of ART,  


'Texture and colour are two of the things that interest me and am currently working mainly with mixed media, making pieces that offer practical benefit at the same time as simple pleasure.'